Discover the Power of Keywords for Web Design

I never really understood the impact of keywords until years after webdesign. Due to the optimizing of search engines as of late, keywords are the structural integrity of your website regarding whether you’ll be at the top of the list or buried under a pile of old Disney movies that were rejected from Hollywood.
What amazed me more is that as advanced as search engines (like google yahoo msn metacrawler and more) have gotten they still can’t seem to filter out the sites the use keyword abuse. I never even considering doing such a thing, but there are a lot of sites out there that flood their keyword list like a catholic mass at the vatican in Italy or…wherever the Vatican is. I don’t think it’s in florida, though I expect if it were the pope would get some wicked discounts on carnival cruise lines or at the very least some discount passes to universal studios. He’d certainly be golfing a lot more. I digress.

The most common abusers of keywords are pornographic websites. If you could view their keyword lists it would be a monster string that looked something like: lesbian skateboard skatepark movies vhs dvd lolita homedepot walmart hockey football baseball laptop computers free photography dell acer toshiba sony sanyo viacomm and many many more filthier words that I just can’t put here.

Keyword abuse is stifling, and an unfortunate thing that prevents more credible websites from recieving appropriate page ranks on search engines.

Ebay is another killer of placement. Do a search on google, yahoo or msn for products and you’ll end up with more ebay auctions than you would sales on sites like amazon or Amazon for short, or Overstock. I dont know how many times I’ve tried to find product from companies like verizon Sprint and Nextel and ended up pulling dropship and wholesale sites offering cellular phones at discount rates.

Keyword abuse makes it extremely difficult to find what you’re looking for, leading you through srings of irrelevant blog sites and worse. Keyword abuse should be dealt with by search engines so they filter these things out. Sites like my article here, filled with keyword flooding.

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